In the deepest depths of sorrow, God often speaks to us in a gentle voice.

The group began singing together as a ministry in 1989 as a mother/daughters trio. In 1997, Cheryl Hall experienced a horrific loss.  Karen, who she always felt was more like a sister than a cousin, died suddenly.  Grief surrounded the family.  Cheryl was devastated.  Questions of why, clouded her mind.  An endless ache filled her heart.  On one lonely day in 1997, weeks after the funeral, the song Under His Wings by the Ruppes came on the radio.  Sitting at her desk at work, sorrow wrapped its dark arms around her.  As the tears streamed down her cheeks, God shared His mercy and grace, speaking in that gentle voice. The words He spoke were "wings" and "grace".  Comforted by His presence, the significance of the words did not immediately register.  Later that day on the way home, she finally heard and understood His words.  Her trio, which she had been trying to name, had been given one.  Divine help provided much needed solace and a name for which she had been searching.  

From the beginning, God had a purpose...

Cheryl Hall was blessed with two daughters.  From the time of their birth, she dedicated Tara and Lindy's lives to Christ.  She prayed that he would mold their lives and lead them.  Cheryl's dream and continued prayer to God was to someday be able to sing with her daughters.  From the tender age of 5, Tara was singing in front of the congregation.  Standing in chairs alongside her sister, 3 year old Lindy, they began to sing of God's love.  Their first song was "Something Beautiful".  And just as God's promises are fulfilled, through talent given by Him, these three women have created something very beautiful and Wings of Grace was formed.

God opens doors for those faithful followers...

Wings of Grace, is the culmination of a life long dedication to uplifting our Lord Jesus Christ.  He has provided the opportunity and means to sustain this musical ministry and has given the core group, an incredible talent.  Each member counts it as a privilege and an honor to stand together in faith and share the wonderful message of Jesus.  They have had the opportunity to sing at church events from Tennessee, Virginia, South Carolina, South Carolina, West Virginia and home state North Carolina.  These travels are in addition to the many precious opportunities in their home state of North Carolina to witness and do His work.  One of the most glorious opportunities God opened for the group was to compete in the National Southern Gospel New Artist Talent Search in Nashville, Tennessee.  Through His grace, the group finished in the top five semi-finalists in the Southern Gospel Category.  God has opened so many doors for Wings of Grace.  Participating in the "Singing on the Mountain" to a crowd of more than 12,000 allowed them to share their blessings and uplift Him.  Another opportunity He provided for them was during the Annual Moricles Gospel Sing in Reidsville, NC.  This event reached scores of people with testimony and hope for salvation.  The group gives their time to assist with various benefit singings, one of which was for Brother Tim Greene, formerly of southern gospel group, The Greene's.  Wings of Grace, along with The Harvesters Quartet, The Hoppers and The Greene's gave their time to raise over $10,000 to assist Tim Greene with his medical bills.

Personal Testimonies.....

Each of these Godly men and women seek to exemplify Christian Discipleship through their musical ministry.  Tara says "It is an honor and blessing to not only sing with my mom and sister, but to also have the opportunity to sing with my husband.  I love to sing and thank God for the talent He has given me and for allowing me to share His word."  Lindy is quoted as saying "I would like to take this opportunity to thank my Lord for being my blessed Savior.  He has given me so much and I am thankful for His goodness to my family and me."  Cheryl mirrors the sentiments of her daughters, "I am so honored and blessed that Jesus found me and I found Him.  Christ came into my heart many years ago and saved me from my sins.  I count it as a privilege and an honor to stand and still sing beside my daughters and to share the wonderful message of Jesus."  Each member strives each day to be more diligent servants to our Lord.  The sharing of His mercy and love through song is the purpose driving this group.  It is all possible through Him.

Our Mission...

"Our mission as Wings of Grace is to first glorify our Lord Jesus Christ through our music and to do all things through Him when we sing.  We want to always uplift our Savior's name and share the good news of the love of Jesus Christ through our musical testimonies.  We share the message that Jesus is alive and through His blood, He offers salvation to all that will accept His free gift.  The price for our salvation was paid at Calvary.  We desire to spread encouragement and hope to fellow Christians and edify the biblical message that there is eternal life in heaven to all who will believe in the only begotten Son of God.  Jesus is the only way to heaven.  He is the Way, the Truth and the Life and no man can go unto the Heavenly Father without first trusting in Him.  We love Jesus with all our hearts.”

The Future….

We lost our main support person in our lives in December of 2014, our manager, Cheryl's Husband, the girls dad. Our hearts were broken, but we rejoiced in knowing we will see him in heaven someday. He would want us to press forward sharing the good news a savior who died for them on calvary's cross, who rose again on the 3rd day to prepare a home for us in heaven. In moving forward, t
he group has now added Tara's husband Frankie to the ministry. He has added to the dynamics of the group in a very postive way and have received good reviews all around. We certainly welcome him full-time to the ministry. We look toward the future with great aspirations that GOD will open doors for our family to share what Christ has done in our lives. The heartfelt desire for Wings of Grace is for the Lord to continue opening doors and providing opportunities for us as we travel and do His precious work.  We sincerely love serving him in Wings of Grace and look forward what God will do with our ministry.  Our prayer for others is to keep believing, keep trusting, keep praying and keep looking up for our Father's soon return.  

Through a tragedy, God spoke and gave a name to this group. He continues to bless each member and everyone associated with this ministry. A lesson learned through that tragedy was no matter how great the sorrow, God will comfort and lead you. This group understands and cherishes that particular heavenly lesson.

Until He takes us home to heaven, may our Lord Jesus Christ hold you safely and securely within His "wings of grace" mercy and love always and forever.